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Get a Job

Personal networking is still the best way to get a job, but there isn’t always time. Sometimes you have to let other people network for you. We call those people recruiters.

There are a number of more generalized staffing / recruiting companies that also service the Tulsa area. The ones below don’t specialize in Information Technology, but MIGHT have IT related jobs. Its not a comprehensive list, as these types of companies come and go with startling regularity.

Lastly are the websites. Many I’m sure you’ve heard of but might not remember right off the top of your head until you see them here.

  • Dice – one of the earlier sites still around. Honestly 95% of the jobs posted here are from recruiters. Fortunately they have an easy filter option for showing you just the direct hire opportunities.
  • Indeed – One of the newer darlings of the job space, with a simple user interface and lots of filters and notification options. They also aggregate jobs from some company sites. Unfortunately you either have to browse or hope you stumble on the right keywords.
  • LinkedIn – Having a professional profile is considered a must by many people, and there is no greater site than LinkedIn. In recent years they’ve added a jobs portal, and companies are flocking to it.
  • Linkup – A massive job aggregator
  • Monster – One of the originals like CareerBuilder. Its included here for completeness. With limited filtering and keyword searches expect to a) have lots of competition and b) spend a fair amount of time browsing.
  • Tulsa Help Wanted – Just a local skin on a national job board, but occasionally jobs do show up here. You’ve almost certainly heard their commercials. They’ve recently started aggregating other sites jobs.
  • Zip Recruiter – Another browsable keyword search based job board that like Indeed has alerts.