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Dealing with Job Loss

This list was written by Melanie Hendricks and originally appeared on her Linkedin feed in September 2020.

A. Mourn the loss…go through the stages. It can be like a death… so go through the emotions (anger, sadness, disbelief, chaos, fear)

B. Accept this as a new challenge!

C. File for unemployment benefits

D. Get your finances in order, evaluate your 401K, etc.

E. Do something for yourself

F. Do something for someone else

G. Clean out things or do projects you never get to do

H. Inquire or file for ALTERNATE assistance if needed (Electric bill, Cell phone, etc.)

I. Get your resume & references in order. Get letters of recommendation or recommendations on LinkedIn (now is the best time!) *

K. Make your virtual meeting area picture perfect!

L. Attend online meetings, webinars, networking events, etc.

M. Get new training/certifications


O. Update your LinkedIn profile w/ a new professional picture & update to “open to opportunities”

P. SEARCH. Work with a few good recruiters. Don’t quit

Q. Stick to a similar sleep schedule.

R. Start a blog, post videos on LinkedIn, contribute to a group online.

S. Keep putting positive energy into the universe…it will work!!!