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There are an almost infinite number of things to learn in the technology world today, and even more sources for how to learn them. This page will almost certainly eventually split into sections to help narrow the focus, but for now here are some.

On Your Own

  • Javascript30 – Free 30 day Vanilla Javascript Coding Challenge
  • – Available for free through the Tulsa Public Library (with your Tulsa Public Library card) – this video portal now owned by Microsoft through their LinkedIn site, offers a wide variety of technical topics with something for everyone from beginner to expert.

In the Class

  • Coding Dojo – $15,995 to learn 3 stacks in 14 weeks – Python (MySQL, Flask, Ajax, Django), MERN (Javascript, MongoDB, React, Node.JS), and C# / .NET CORE (C#, NancyFX, Razor, ASP.NET, Entity Framework)
  • Holberton – $85,000, or 17% of your income for 3.5 years once you start earning $40k a year or more – Learn the foundations of computer science, then dive into a specialty of your choice – machine learning, AR/VR, full stack development, or others, in a peer learning environment that requires a full time commitment.
  • Lambda School – $30,000 – 6 month (FT) or 12 month (PT) programs. Choose between full stack web dev or data science. Offering upfront, installments, and income share agreements (17% of your post education salary for 24 months once youre making more than $50k a year).
  • OK Coders – Pay What You Want – Founded in 2014 – Six 4-week modules as a core offering. Courses currently on hold?

In the Class – Traditional